Mother (Short Film) | Director of Photography

Mother is a short film I worked on as the Director of Photography alongside the talented Director, Nato Neri. We submitted this piece to a Film Competition put on by Cinema at City Gardens in St. Louis Missouri.

This project was shot within 3 sporadic days all across the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Nature was a focal point of this project and we set out to shoot the basic elements of nature: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. The Voice Over was of a poem created by the director called, Our Mother, Tender and Cruel.


Killing Poe | Principal Gaffer

Killing Poe is a dark comedy about five students in a class on Edgar Allan Poe who teach their professor a lesson in true Poe style. Directed by Nathan Jacobs and shot by Cinemtaographer Tim Moore.

Director Dr. Nathan Jacobs was a Professor of Philosophy at John Brown University, my alma mater.  In his spare time, he wrote a fantastic screenplay and recruited me as the principal gaffer for the entire 22-day shoot.


Greater | Camera Production Assistant

The story of Brandon Burlsworth — possibly the greatest walk-on in the history of college football. Directed by David Hunt and shot by Cinematographer Gabe Mayhan.

Greater Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Neal McDonough, Nick Searcy | The story of Brandon Burlsworth, possibly the greatest walk-on in the history of college football.

Cinematographer Gabe Mayhan is local to Little Rock, Arkansas. I was finishing my B.A. in Digital Media when the opportunity to work on my first feature film came about. Gabe took me under his wing and worked tirelessly with the Camera department for all 33 days of principal photography.


I'm OK | 2nd Assistant Camera

A coming-of- age story that follows a 17-year- old doomsday prepper in Oklahoma, who turns out to be right and prepares for everything except being lonely.