Freelance Cinematographer St. Louis, Missouri


I'm a St. Louis, Missouri local cinematographer with a passion for feature films, short films, corporate videos, commercials and documentaries. I love visual storytelling, I enjoy lighting, and I'm grateful to work as director of photography for a living.  

Over the years I have worked on a handful of movies in the midwest. My first industry job was as  the DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) for Season 2 of Fallout Nuka Break's web series. This was shot in a desert just a few hours out of Los Angeles. After studying Cinematography at Los Angeles Film Studies Center in the Fall of 2012 I returned to finish my B.A. in Digital Media Arts at John Brown University.

Working my way through school I linked up with a local production company, Verge Videos, shooting for corporation such as, Walmart, Procter & Gamble, Pantene, Sam's Club, Dayspring, and more. It was here that I grew quickly in my corporate experience and put my lighting knowledge to the test. 

The following summer I went to work as the Principal Gaffer for a feature film in Chicago, Illinois. Working with a young Director of Photography, allowed me to design all the lighting set-ups for each scene. I would offer the DP my top three ideas for each scene and let him make the decision to choose which he liked most. 

Although my passion is in light and shadow, I also love composition and set design. I have worked as Production Camera Assistant on a feature film and as 1st Assistant Camera on corporate videos, short films, music videos. Recently I had the privilege to work as 2nd Assistant Camera on a feature shooting throughout Oklahoma. 

I love all aspects of filmmaking and thrive most in a collaborative environment on set. 


I proposed to my wife in the only way I knew how...under ARRI Lights with a Live audience and a camera crew. I know some of you puked after reading that last sentence however you should hear me out... April 16th is my wife's favorite day. You might think that its her birthday, or the day she won something, or some historical fact...however it is her favorite day because of math. I'd love to explain why she loves this day but for time i'll just tell you that If I was ever going to propose, it would have to be on 04/16.

So I did, I love her, she loves me, and we live happily in the city limits of St. Louis, Missouri.